Field Training Officer Refresher Seminar


Recommended for: Field Training Officers (FTO), Field Training Supervisors (FTS), and Field Training Program Coordinators who have experience using the San Jose Model FTO Program.

Maximum # of Participants: 36

Cost is $99.00 payable by invoice or day of course

Overview: Using the San Jose Model, this seminar is designed for the experienced Field Training and Evaluation Officers (FTO’s). Upon completion of this seminar, each participant will be able to reapply the learned strategies for maximizing his/her effectiveness as a training officer. This seminar is highly interactive and tailored to meet the needs of each participant and the course objectives. Over 50% of the seminar involves experiential learning opportunities such as small and large group discussions, small group and individual exercises, video scenarios, instrumentation, case studies, reviewing games, and self-assessments.

Topics include:

– Development of the Critical Task Book, Daily Observation Report (DOR) and Standardized Evaluation Guidelines (SEG) – Customization to meet Agency/Community needs.

– Establishing a content valid performance evaluation

– Objective use of the SEGs

– Providing honest and effective numerical and written documentation – Creating and maintaining an effective learning environment

For more information on the course please contact Deputy Travis Bruyer at 406-758-5602 or

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