Public Education Courses

One of our goals at the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office is to provide education to the citizens of Flathead County. Throughout the year our training calender will provide topics on self-defense, crime reporting, drug awareness for you the citizen. Be sure to sign up for our email ALERTS and be the first to be notified of when the courses are offered.

In addition to training our citizens, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting an array of Law Enforcement courses, open to outside agencies to attend. This brings agencies together as they are educated on a wide variety of law enforcement topics.

Greetings Citizens of the Flathead,
I’m sure by now all of you have been reading and watching about the tragic shooting incident in Sandy Hook Connecticut, I know we in law enforcement discuss these scenarios daily. Watch the video “RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. : Surviving an Active Shooter Event”.

My disclaimer is that the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office does not support any one tactic or belief. As a prior tactical commander I found, never let your thinking become so narrow that you side with one of these tactics and argue it to be the best over another.

Please watch and take something positive away from it.

Chuck Curry, Sheriff


Citizen’s Pepper Spray Course TBA

Reporting Crimes to 911 TBA

Setting up a Community Watch TBA

Contact Deputy Travis Bruyer at 406.758.5602 or email for more information on upcoming training in your local area or to help with lodging ideas.

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